Photograph by: Nicole Van Poppel

I am a lifelong New Yorker. I have been a trainer for more than eleven years.

My career as a trainer came about unexpectedly, quite literally by accident. In the winter of 1995 I partially tore my medial collateral ligament (MCL) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in a fall while skiing. After the injury I was concerned about whether I would ever be able to run (I was in training for that April's Boston Marathon) or participate in sports again.

At that time, I was a designer for Gap Kids in New York Product Development. My search for a sports medicine knee specialist led me to the Hospital for Special Surgery. I was able to fully recover from my injuries without having to undergo surgery. Plus I became stronger from the strength training that the physical therapists and trainers had me do. I discovered that my running improved, as well as my range of motion due to all the flexibility exercises. My posture improved from all the core strength and stability training, which made me a more efficient runner.

This personal transformation physically led me to wonder about a professional transformation. I became more interested in training and developed a passion for learning more about preventative sports injury training. My goal became developing the skills necessary that would allow me to coach others to improve their fitness and stay injury-free. I have always been interested in fitness and a healthy lifestyle and decided to make a career out of helping others work towards this.

My father was a Pathologist, MD; He studied the cause of death. I study the pathology of movement, keeping the balance of muscles and the integrity of the muscular skeptical structure.

I was very athletic as a child. Today I am still an athlete.  I'm injury-free still running strong. At forty I ran my 15th marathon in my home town of New York City.

In 1987 I founded the New York Harriers Women's Running Team. I continue to be a member and race for the Harriers as a master. I run distances from the mile to the marathon .  I also enjoy  team relay races, playing volleyball, tennis, skiing, swimming, and cycling.